How do I join a campaign?

Businesses or individuals who wish to participate may shop campaigns on our website under the "campaigns" tab or send us a request at

Fees are due upon receipt. Each fee is calculated as a percentage of the cost of doing business with the talent. Each campaign fee is different according to the caliber of the talent respectfully.

Unlike lotteries, raffles, or other types of gaming, giveaways fall under sweepstakes, which is a type of promotion.

We carefully follow all updated information from Instagram and remain compliant by their rules concerning giveaways and like promotions.

Instagram Promotion Guidelines

How many followers will I get?

Social Clout Media will guarantee traffic but the followers you receive are not guaranteed. All gains are estimates and based off prior campaigns results.

Our celebrity influencer giveaways are a highly influential individual(s) with a massive following on Instagram. They post to their feed on Instagram and promote a prize to be won. In order to win, that person must follow everyone we follow on our host account @socialcloutgiveaways

To put celebrity giveaways in perspective a typical booking fee is 6-7+ figures. Their cost to do business does not include any fees associated over and above including the prizes, legal, agents fee, or the time it takes to implement a campaign. Celebrities are also very selective with who they choose to work with. Most will not endorse every opportunity that comes their way. Our campaigns are a rare opportunity to put your business in front of millions.